Greening Your School


iconYou have certainly heard of paperless offices but a paperless home or school?
Don't just go paperless in the workplace! If it's home or school you have the unique opportunity to be as environmentally friendly as you like. While other parents are being required to buy their child's weight in notebooks and supplies - you can create a virtually paperless home school environment, depending on the age of your child.

iconWe're here to help you - in streamlining the organizational processes you follow at your school.
"i3-Compass" from School Campus Technologies for education is a fully integrated 360 Degree School Management Solution which - Automate processes to help save time and money and to help improve operational & administrative efficiency of Educational Institutions.


iconConserve Energy, Recycle, Go Green!
When students, teachers, custodians, school officials and parents work together to make their schools environmentally friendly, they are more likely to incorporate the same behaviors into their off-campus lives. In this way, schools serve as a catalyst of desired behaviors for the community at large. Our goal is to create environmentally responsible school communities throughout the nation and across the globe.

iconThere are many ways to implement this element of the Go Green Initiative:
iconConsider purchasing recycled-content paper and office products.
iconUse technology to communicate electronically as much as possible.
iconSeek ways to provide Internet access to all school families.